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Influencing Change without Authority

Traditionally, change has flowed from the top down. Those at the top, however, don’t necessarily know what will work best in practice for those in the bottom levels of an organization. If[...]

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Posted October 11, 2017

What it takes to effectively project manage

When embarking on a new project, people or teams aren’t able to look into or predict the future and, hence, must be willing to accept the likelihood of unplanned events occurring. An acceptance of[...]

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Posted October 11, 2017

The High-Performing Project Team Recipe

The performance of any organisation, department or project is often symptomatic of the performance of the teams that support them. A great team results in a great outcome and vice-versa.

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Posted October 11, 2017

How to Win in Marketing Without a Marketer

Claiming that the marketing landscape has changed is not a revelation. And assuming that, for most businesses, marketing is critical to success is a safe bet. Contrary to some beliefs, not[...]

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Posted September 28, 2017

Banish the business devils you know

Every professional has worked, or still works, with suppliers who consistently underwhelm in terms of the service they provide. Given that most businesses strive to improve their profitability and[...]

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Posted September 21, 2017


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