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Banish the business devils you know

Every professional has worked, or still works, with suppliers who consistently underwhelm in terms of the service they provide. Given that most businesses strive to improve their profitability and[...]

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Posted September 21, 2017

The most overlooked costs of manual tasks

While Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do,” a global study has found that less than one in six of the world's full-time employees are engaged at[...]

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Posted September 11, 2017

Standalone software complicates business

Standalone software can cause business processes to be complicated, often resulting in duplication, deterioration of services, and impaired profitability.

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Posted September 11, 2017

A Guide to Improving Business Efficiency

In an age of disruption, the great challenge for a business is to reinvent itself while maintaining strong momentum. Companies that sit on the laurels of past successes risk losing everything.[...]

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Posted September 07, 2017

How to Build a Corporate Culture that Embraces Change

Change is usually as difficult as it is inevitable, so effective leaders need to combine science with intuition to prepare their organization and its people to succeed in an age of disruption.[...]

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Posted September 04, 2017

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